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Chinese Medicine  

Meridian Charts

The meridian charts are the visual ways of showing where the meridians are. The meridians are the energy pathways on our body, they are invisible. The meridian charts give us a convenient way of studying and locating meridians and acupuncture points. There are also meridian charts drawn on dummies.

There are 12 main meridians, 8 extraordinary meridians. The centerlines of the body are the locations of the governor vessel and conception vessel. They belong to the extraordinary meridians, because they play such an important role in the body, they are grouped with the other 12 main meridians and described as the 14 main meridians.

The meridian charts usually include the 14 main meridians. Most of the charts indicate the acupuncture points along the meridians. This is an easy and direct way to understand the acupuncture points on the body.

We have listed all 14 main meridian charts on our site, the acupuncture points on each of the meridian are all marked with both their names and international symbols.

The 12 main meridians are:

1.                  Tai Yin lung meridian of the hands

2.                  Yang ming large intestine meridian of the hands

3.                  Yang ming stomach meridian of the feet

4.                  Tai Yin spleen meridian of the feet

5.                  Shao Yin heart meridian of the hands

6.                  Tai Yang small intestine meridian of the hands

7.                  Tai Yang bladder meridian of the feet

8.                  Shao Yin kidney meridian of the feet

9.                  Jue Yin pericardium meridian of the hands

10.             Shao Yang Sanjiao meridian of the hands

11.             Shao Yang gallbladder meridian of the feet

12.             Jue Yin liver meridian of the feet

The 8 extraordinary meridians are:

1.      Conception Vessel

2.      Governor Vessel

3.      Chong Vessel

4.      Belt Vessel

5.      Yin Link Vessel

6.      Yang Link Vessel

7.      Yin Heel Vessel

8.      Yang Heel Vessel

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